Cerebral Cortex – Functional Areas

Cerebral Cortex
The cerebral cortex is divided into sensory, motor and association areas. Sensory areas receive sensory input, motor areas control movement of muscles. Association areas are involved with more complex functions such as learning, decision making and complex movements such as writing.

The central sulcus divides the primary sensory and motor areas. Both the sensory cortex and the motor cortex have been mapped out according to what part of the body it controls. A larger portion of the cortex is involved with the lips, face, and fingers which contain a greater number of sensory receptors.

Broca’s area, the motor speech area, is involved in translating thoughts into speech. Impulses from this area control the muscles of the larynx, pharynx and mouth that enable us to speak.

The visual area receives visual stimuli and the visual association area helps to interpret those stimuli. It is also involved with memory and recognition.

The auditory area receives auditory information. The auditory association area is where sound is interpreted as noise, music or speech.