Prolapsed Bladder

prolapsed bladder

Your bladder, and other pelvic organs are supported by the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue of the pelvic floor.

These supportive tissues can become stretched or weakened by childbirth or surgery, or by chronic strain such as heavy lifting.

When a pelvic organ, such as the bladder, uterus or rectum, loses it’s support it can drop from it’s normal position. This is called pelvic organ prolapse.

A cystocele occurs when the bladder wall is weak and bulges into the vagina. It is also called a prolapsed bladder. This displacement of the bladder can cause discomfort, an inability to completely empty the bladder, and unwanted leakage of urine.

When urine leaks during activities that put stress on the bladder, such as coughing, laughing, or lifting something heavy, this is called "stress urinary incontinence".